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CHEMICALS / Cooling Water Treatment

CoolDos products are the supposition for a smooth operation of a cooling system. CoolDos - product support an effecient and economical course of manufacture.

Use Range

  • Corrosion prevention
  • Stabilization of hardness
  • Biocide treatment
  • System cleasing


Product # Label Use - Range
250.030.007 CoolDos HCB Combined product for open systems
30 kg
PE Container
250.030.020 CoolDos HCD Combined product for open systems
250.030.021 CoolDos CH Combined product for open systems
250.030.041 CoolDispers D1 Dispersing agent for aqueous systems
250.030.015 CoolDos H 300 Combined product for closed systems
250.030.062 Polaris V 30 polyamine product for soft water
250.030.063 Polaris CR 25 polyamine product for medium hard water
250.030.064 Polaris CR 40 combined product for closed systems
250.030.072 Polaris CC/OH polyamine product for hard water
250.030.001 CoolCid 10. Biocide based on quaternary ammonia compounds
250.070.007 CoolCid 250 Broad spectrum boicide
250.030.030 CoolClean PSF Acid, liquid cleaning product
250.030.031 CoolClean AP Acid, powdered cleaning product
25 kg
* Additional packaging sizes: 200 kg PE-drum, 1000 kg IBC-Container