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CHEMICALS / Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

OsmoDos antiscalants protect your reverse osmosis plant against deposits on the membrane. OsmoDos cleanser eliminate carefully already existing deposits from the surface of the membrane. The use of OsmoDos products is improving the effeciency of your RO plant.

Use Range

  • Scaling prevention
  • Cleaning programs
  • Reduction of operating expenses
  • Optimization of the plant performance


OsmoDos - Liquid anti-scalants

Product # Label Use - Range
250.080.050 OsmoDos AS universal antiscalant  > 120 cbm/d
30 kg
PE Container
250.080.051 OsmoDos AS 3 universal antiscalant  < 120 cbm/d
250.080.052 OsmoDos pH high pH value
250.080.053 OsmoDos SW seawater
250.080.054 OsmoDos BW brackishwater
250.080.055 OsmoSil for silicate up to 210 mg/l
250.080.056 OsmoGuard corrosion inhibitor, potable water
250.080.057 OsmoCid 125 wide range biocide
250.080.058 OsmoCid 599 antiscalant und microbiocide

OsmoDos - Cleansers and Special Products

Product # Label Use - Range
250.080.060 OsmoClean 2 universal cleanser for all types of membrans
30 kg
PE Container
250.080.061 OsmoClean 3 Removal Ca, Ba and Sr-sulfate deposits
250.080.062 OsmoClean 4 Disifection
250.080.063 OsmoClean 6 Compound against colloids and inorganic matter
250.080.064 OsmoClean 7 Compound against iron fouling
250.080.065 OsmoClean 8 Compound against alkaline scales and metal ixides
250.080.066 OsmoClean 9 alkaline cleanser against organic deposits
250.080.067 OsmoDos AC 2 Product for chemical elimination of chlorine
250.080.068 OsmoCoat A Membrane surface coating agent (hollow fibre, polyamide)
250.080.069 OsmoCoat B Membrane surface coating agent(polyamide, pH-control)