Technical Information
Polyglass Pressure Vessels ø 05" - 13"
Composite Pressure Vessels;
* threaded opening 4" top
* threaded opening 4" top/bottom
* flanged openings 6" top
* flanged openings 6" top/bottom
Composite Hot Water Pressure Vessels 6" flanged openings top/bottom

Composite Pressure Vessels

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Technical Data

Combination of a roto molded LD-PE inner tank with a fiberglass reinforced epoxy wound outer shell

Vessel connection
Threaded opening 4"- 8 UN; Flange 6", DN-100, DN-150,
DN-200, DN-400

Working pressure:
min. 0 bar, max. 10 bar

Working temperature
  • min. 1°C, max. 50°C, vessel with threaded opening
  • min. 1°C, max. 65°C, vessel with flanged opening
  • min. 1°C, max. 80°C, vessel with flanged opening, type HW

Minimum fatigue testing
min. 250.000 cycles between 0 - 10 bar

Duralam Blue tank, black base;
hot water vessels Type "C-HW", natural colour black base;
please ask for other colors.