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UPW SYSTEMS For laboratory applications / Reverse Osmosis Systems

The most economic alternatives for high purification or more then 150 l purified water daily


TKA Reverse Osmosis removes 99% of the salts, bacteria, pyrogens and particles from tap water. The running costs are constant, even at higher total dissolved solid contents, and there are no regeneration costs.

TKA-RO Membranes are not only very effective in removing salts. They also remove 99% of the bacteria, particles and pyrogens present in the feed tap water.


TKA-RO-Systems are highly recommended:


When the feed tap water for autoclaves, glass/instrument washers and automatic analyzers has a high salt content.



When regeneration costs for ion exchangers are high.



When the regeneration service for ion exchangers is unreliable.



When the daily purified water requirement is > 150 liters.



When bacteria, particle and pyrogen contents are also to be reduced.



When a constant water quality is needed.



As central water treatment system for a storey or complete building.