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RO Low Pressure

TKA RO 7 DEN - An Outstanding Water purifier!


Specifically for doctors´ and dentists´ practices, university and research labs.


Reliably produces small to smallest amounts of laboratory water at a favourable cost.


Stops the need to buy "purified water" or "double-distilled quality".


Heightens the performance of autoclaves and helps preserve expensive instruments.


Economically and ecologically appr. 10 times better than distilling.


Optimally combines reverse osmosis technology with ion exchange.

TKA RO 7 DEN is a ready-to-connect reverse osmosis system, specifically developed for reliable production of demineralized water at a lower cost. The combination of a high-tech reverse osmosis membrane with two downstream mixed bed cartridges produces a pure water of quality equalling that of "purified water" or even double-distilled water.

Compact construction - fits under the table or can be hung on a wall. All components are contained in the reverse osmosis unit, with the exception of the separate pressure tank.

Pure water quality
0,1 - 1 µS/cm (15-10 MW-cm)
Membrane retention:
99% of bacteria and particles

Mains voltage 230V/50 Hz, 110V/60 Hz
Power consumption 0,1 kW
Ambient temperature 2 - 40°C
Permeate performance 7 l/h
Conductivity 0,1 - 1 µS/cm (15-10 MW-cm)
Feedwater pressure 2 - 6 bar
Feedwater pH range 4 - 11
Dimensions, RO unit W 430mm x D 230mm x H 480mm
Dimensions, pressure tank diameter 300mm x H 400mm
Product # 080.530.070-DEN

TKA RO 7 DEN can be fitted with proven, specific accessories, specially adapted to this small reverse osmosis system. TKA accessories guarantee a constant high quality of the pure water.

TKA digital conductivity meter Control 300

Dispenser with sterilizing filter

For continuous quality control. Gives conductivity and limiting values with digital 3 1/2 figure number.

Measuring ranges: 0.01-19.99 µS/cm, with automatic range switching at 20 µS/cm or above to 20,0 - 399.9 µS/cm. Standard version.
Product # 080.416.050 DEN

For connection to the TKA RO 7 DEN system to produce "purified water".

Product # 080.314.090 DEN
Dispenser with wall mount

Product # 080.910.030
Sterilizing filter of 0.2 µm pore size

Product # 080.652.010 Combi filter cartridge, 10", with activated carbon + 5 µm prefilter
Product # 080.101.510 Ion exchanger inserts, pack of 2

TKA RO 7 DEN - Example of fitting it in a cupboard

Quick and simple installation of TKA RO 7 DEN in a cupboard under the sink.

Pressure tank of 5 litres capacity

Digital conductivity meter with adjustable limiting value

Dispenser with sterilizing filter

Reverse osmosis with downstream ion exchanger

Pressure tank

Dispenser with sterilizing filter and wall mount

Pure water outlet without sterilizing filter

Digital conductivity meter Control 300


Measuring cell for Control 300


TKA RO 7 DEN ...self-produced, less expensive pure water - at last!