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TKA Conductivitymeter


TKA digital conductivity meter Control 300 increases quality control by giving the precise conductivity with digital accuracy.

TKA Control 300 has a digital LCD showing measured values in µS/cm, manual temperature compensation, a limiting value switch up to 30 µS/cm and acoustic and optical signals.

Measuring ranges: 0,01 – 19,99 µS/cm, when higher than 20 µS/cm automatic change to 20,0 – 399,9 µS/cm

Optionally with potential-free contact or with magnetic valve.


TKA conductivity meter Conductivity meter Control 300 Control 300 Control 300
including water hoses, R 3/4"
and measuring cell
analogous version digit. Standard digit., with potential
free contact
digit., with
magnetic valve
Product # 080.416.010 080.416.050 080.416.060 080.416.070

Analog conductivity meter


TKA analog conductivity meter

Quick and easy reading gauge for quality control of the purified water

With analog conductivity meter in µS/cm, measuring range 0 - 50 µS/cm

TKA conductivity meter, analog
including water hoses, R 3/4“ and measuring cell
Analog 50
Product #, 080.416.010