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  • Mertas seeks for meeting the needs of the customers in Turkey, Eastern Europe, C.I.S., Central Asian Turkic Republics and Middle East. We look for being at the right place in the global water treatment industry.
  • Rather than heavy marketing, Mertas' nearly 30 year experience inspires the customers. We are trying to supply the end-users and the OEMs what we learned in that 30 years. We always learn and hope to supply more to our future clients. We also try to go ahead at all three dimensions of being a successful transnational company: Cost, quality and learning!
  • After completing the primary works and calculations, we deliver you the optimal solution. We will offer you with our delivery programme; the most suitable price, in accordance to your needs, and with world's first class quality material. You are welcomed to contact our company representatives for your questions concerning water treatment. We are proud of our before and after sales service.